Friday, November 21, 2014

Less is More

Ayden Jane has amazed me once again.  The other day, she asked to pack her own lunch. You would think that she would pack a FULL lunch but on the contrary. It was a light lunch. In fact, we asked her if it was enough and offered ideas for more to pack in it. The answer was fascinating: I always eat everything you pack but when you pack too much I feel yucky by snack time. Like my sugar is low. 

Now, we have been fighting this dropping sugar thing for a while and I have talked through it with Dr. M, tried adding extra fats or extra proteins...  With no other ideas left and still feeling like something wasn't quite right, I just sort of decided that the early snack would have to get her through and I would just have to hope she out grew whatever was going on.

So I tried Ayden Jane's less is more technique with her lunch. I am happy to report that after 4 days of the new improved 'less' lunch Ayden Jane comes home from school less hungry and with more energy.  Yep, you read that right. I asked Dr. M if it is possible for her to simply be over producing insulin in response to a bit too much food after a relatively long time without food. (4 1/2 hours). That's what we think was happening! Then, since she is not starting the roller coaster of high insulin, low insulin... she feels better, has more energy, and is less hungry.

I'm glad one of us was smart enough to figure it out. Today she was checking up on me. As I handed her lunch to her on the way out the door she stopped and said, "Just 3 things right Mom? Not too much?"

She has been a happy bundle of energy this week. On the second day of the less is more trial she came home and didn't even make it inside before she was playing with the dogs and having a blast. No snack at all. So much energy I pawned her off on Gary and they took the dogs on an adventure.

So cool that this kid is starting to be able to read the signals her body is giving her.

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