Tuesday, November 25, 2014


So some follow up/adjustments on the questions and answers from Dr. Miller and an update on the less is more approach.

First of all the calorie calculation. I did the math and by the formula Dr. Miller gave us Ayden Jane needs 1200 calories a day. Honestly, the couple times I have checked her calorie intake (maybe once a year?) she runs more in the 1600 + category.  So significantly over 1200. Secondly, the answer to Ayden Jane's question of number of carbs per day surprised me a bit. Dr. Miller's recommendation for Ayden Jane (and this is one that varies by child) was for her to eat less than 30 grams of carb per day.

So yep.  I had some things to think about. Ayden Jane being Ayden Jane wanted to count up the carbs in her day. She was getting at least double that many!  Mostly because she was eating grapes and oranges and other more carb heavy fruits with nearly every meal and snack.  I also use a bit too much honey to sweeten some things.

I tossed the question back to Dr. M as to whether I needed to cut calories. Also told her that by our count Ayden Jane was eating double the carbs...  She replied that Ayden Jane looks good. She said to NOT cut calories because AJ burns them like crazy and needs those extra calories. As for the carbs, that is where we should make adjustments. Not that we have to because things are going fine but that if I want a lean, mean, AJ machine trimming off those extra carbs would make it happen.

So, back to Ayden Jane. After reviewing our carb counts she asked me, "mom, so what are we going to do about this carb situation?"  We decided that since she can now (finally) swallow capsules that her carnitine fumarate capsule will go down that way and we will be able to cut some honey. Next up we decided that we will replace some of the servings of the higher carb fruits with berries.

We are now about a week into less is more lunch and a few less carbs. At this rate she may just lean out over the holidays!  I must admit I forget she is just a little first grader sometimes. She is working so hard to be the healthiest, smartest, happiest kid around. So far she has not let PWS slow her down. 

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