Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Time to Step it Up.

Wow.  It's November. I was not good with posting in October but it is time to get back to it.

Ayden Jane is cruising along. She is staying healthy (more on that coming soon) and is just easy these days. She has so much 'verbal energy' there are times my ears hurt. It is all good though because she is talking about all sorts of things and is not arguing or 'stuck' or just questioning for the sake of questioning.  It is a very typical kiddo spouting off every thought that comes into her head.

Most entertaining is first thing in the morning.  Mckenna is my least talkative child and the polar opposite of a morning person. Let's just say that Mckenna does not appreciate Ayden Jane's zest for mornings...

Lots of things are coming up around here.  Ayden Jane and I will head to Florida to see Dr. Miller next Monday.  AJ is very excited and has a list of questions prepared for Dr M.

1. How do you know how much your body needs in a day to be healthy? (I have introduced the words metabolism and calorie) and how do you decide how much of each kind of food?

2. Why can my body not use some sugars - like bread and cookies but it can use other sugars - like fruit? How do you know?

3. What is bad about fake sugars if they do not make me feel bad?

4. How many grams of sugar is too many?  per day? per meal/snack?

5. Why does my belly tell me I'm hungry sometimes even when I know I already ate?

6. Are you close to having the medicine to fix my Krebs Cycle?

It should be fascinating to hear the answers. What is most amazing is that Ayden Jane really wants to know and Dr. Miller is so great at explaining really complex things to her in a way that she totally grasps them.

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