Friday, February 27, 2015

IEP meeting

A couple weeks ago I had Ayden Jane's annual review for her IEP. She has an IEP mainly so that she can receive OT services. She still struggles with handwriting and generally getting her thoughts down on paper... so OT is extremely necessary.  It has been a bit of a struggle that she is on her 3rd OT in a year...  She likes OT, works really hard but misses Mrs. S who she had consistently early on.

Anyway, the meeting was to review how first grade is going and make plans for second grade. One of her teacher's concerns heading into second grade is that she will begin to receive grades. I have to admit I am not excited about it... Ayden Jane will not deal well with anything less than excellence but I guess she will have to learn. I am not worried that she will not learn all she needs to in second grade. I know how much she takes in but being able to respond in a way which shows just how much she knows can be an issue.  If you can take the time to chat with her it is amazing how deep her understanding of things can be...

I was very excited that one thing we can do for Ayden Jane is to put her in a "push in" classroom. This means she will remain in the regular ed classroom all day but the resource teacher will come in for 45 minutes each day. Ayden Jane will receive any help/support she needs in the regular classroom.

The comments from her regular ed teacher read: Ayden Jane is a polite, cooperative and determined student who is very well mannered. She puts forth good effort, gets along well with others and responds well to encouragement and praise. She is an average reader with good comprehension skills. She is eager to try new skills and doesn't give up easily. Ayden Jane's MAP score increased from a 157 to a 169 (40th to 45th percentile). She scored high average in vocabulary use functions and literature/informational text.

I will take that as a pretty awesome success!!

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