Saturday, February 28, 2015

Great Day

Today was Saturday. It was a wonderful Saturday.

It started like any other Saturday with Ayden Jane waking me up to ask if I could turn on cartoons for her to watch so she could cuddle up in bed for a bit before breakfast. (she still gets up early...) By 7:30 or 8 we were headed out to the kitchen and had a nice breakfast.

After breakfast Ayden Jane played and I cleaned up quite a bit and then we ran some errands. Pretty typical Saturday so far. When we got home around 12 I was getting ready to fix lunch and the neighbor kids came to see if Ayden Jane could come out and play with them. Of she went - who needs lunch?? They played hard for about an hour riding bikes and power wings and skate boards and trampolining....

By 1:00 I had to call Ayden Jane in so she could get some lunch before we headed to her soccer game. Her friends were sad to see her go and asking if she could play tomorrow. So sweet.

She played her first soccer game of the spring season and loved it. Her coaches are amazing and 100 percent positive!! It is wonderful. Last fall she was on the team, but I'm not sure you could say she played soccer. She was sort of overwhelmed by all the activity and people... she watched and tried to ask questions more than she played. Today she just looked like a typical girl doing her best. She ran hard and got in the mix quite a bit. Late in the game she played defense and really got the hang of positioning herself and staying ready. She backed up her team mates and stepped up to kick the ball when needed. Not saying she always hit the mark, but she just understood and processed the game at game speed. It was wonderful to watch.

While on the sideline I was talking to another parent and she was glad to meet 'Ayden Jane's mom' because her daughter had come home from the first practice and told her she made a new friend named Ayden Jane.

After an hour and a half on the soccer field between warm-up and game Ayden Jane was not ready to leave until she managed another 45 minutes on the playground! I think she missed the decent weather and was trying to make up for it all in one day.

I had promised her chik fil a for supper so we headed there next. She drank her cup of water with no problems and made more new friends in the play place. Mckenna and I chatted and I caught up on some email and things on my phone so she played a long time again.

So by the end of a very busy day, we had 3 meals, no snacks, tons of activity and piles and piles of fun. Maybe this will be our new Saturday routine! Oh how I hope spring is right around the corner!!

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