Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More Writing

Ayden Jane has come so very far with her ability to write. I am referring to the physical act of making the letters, being able to put letters together to make words and the ability to space things appropriately.

Watching her go through this process is making me very aware of what a miracle it is that any of us can put our ideas down on paper!

Here is what I see. At the start of first grade Ayden Jane still had to really think about how to make each letter. It was a process. She was still learning the motor patterns to most of them. I'm not sure why it was/is so hard. Obviously motor planning is not her strength but also I think vision may be a piece, having trouble multitasking and that darn body awareness - where is my hand in space? Anyway, she is finally being able to think of the letter and just know how to make it. YAY!

So, with some of her brain power being relieved from the challenge of making the letters she is more free to think in words. The words are beginning to add up to sentences. Again YAY!

The new challenge comes from her new ability to motor plan the letters quickly.  Yep, it is definitely a blessing that she can now make them more quickly, but it comes with some downfalls. Basically, she just goes quickly and although her hand knows how to make the letter, she goes quickly and loses quality now for another reason.

So what are we to do? I am thinking I want to try using a pencil grip and/or weighted pencil to see if she can get better feedback to her brain to know where she is writing and what her hand is doing. I emailed a bit with her OT as I was wanting her to work through which grip ect.  Alas, this is the last week with her current OT. So, I guess I will have to figure it out on my own or get the amazing Mrs. Jen (our PT) to help me sort it out.

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