Monday, February 23, 2015


I have oh so much catching up to do. I know I will leave something out but I will try to knock things off one at a time.

First up is the illness we just finished up with Ayden Jane. If you have followed her story any length of time, you know that Ayden Jane has some crazy immune issues or at least crazy responses to illness. This winter we have given her lactoferrin to attempt to support her immune system and hopefully even correct it.

Since starting it in late September we have had our most healthy winter since she was 3 and our troubles started. Honestly, she had a short lived cold and was otherwise healthy all along. I can now say we had our first big test of her immune system last week. It was a test of how she handles viral infection, not bacterial which is typically even more of a problem but still...

Here's how it went. Saturday Ayden Jane was a WILD woman. I was tired from all the walking and playing... Saturday night she did not sleep well, I heard her several times which is odd. Sunday came and she woke up early saying her belly hurt. I was thinking she had gone so hard and skipped supper (not that uncommon) that she was just really hungry. I gave her breakfast and she fell back asleep on the sofa. I woke her for church and she seemed pretty good and wanted to go so off we went. When she came to me from children's church she was pale and slurring.... typically that means sugars are a dropping fast! We stopped to eat and she rebounded fairly well. Later she plummeted again, fell asleep again and finally.... the fever showed up!

Ayden Jane is typically not one for fevers. Or should I say, preworking immune system she was not one for fevers. She was somewhere over 103 and her belly hurt and she just wanted to sleep. After emailing with Dr. M we gave her a single stress dose of cortef,  During the night, lets just say we had to put on clean sheets several times... the poor kid. Monday came and the fever broke. She did not really eat and slept most of the day away but started to feel better. Tuesday we stayed home from school because she was afraid she would have "bathroom trouble". She did not sleep but was very calm and content to watch TV (so odd) and was uninterested in eating. By Wednesday she was back in action.

Now, that sounds totally typical right??  That's the point! Her immune system worked just like it's supposed to! For the past 4 years whenever Ayden Jane got sick we saw several things. She was hungry. She had behavior issues. She SOAKED through at night. She had trouble maintaining energy. She really struggled to recover from illness and it took weeks even months after consecutive illnesses to get her blood work and weight back on track.

I can vouch for how nasty this virus was. It knocked me on my butt for a couple days too and she handled it without a hitch. Miraculous.

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