Saturday, March 14, 2015

Definitely Sick

Well, not much time went by from my last post before I took Ayden Jane to be checked for infection.  Yep, ear infection and sinus infection and "slight wheeze."

I knew pretty much as soon as I saw her after school on Friday. It was late Friday afternoon and I knew there was no chance we were getting into the doctors office and I didn't want to wait until the next morning so we headed to the minute clinic at CVS. As I talked to the doctor (or nurse practitioner?) I told her Ayden Jane has PWS. Fully expecting either the blank stare of the panic look of - I remember hearing those words in med school. Instead, she said, "I have a nephew (or something like that, I went brain dead in shock) with PWS. How can I help you."

After checking Ayden Jane out and seeing a definitely infected ear, evidence of a sinus infection and even a low grade fever we talked antibiotics. I was so nice to just be able to say experience tells us amoxicillin does not really work and neither does zithromax. Augmentin just seems to be the one to work when she gets this stuff. Also, she typically needs 10-14 days rather than the typical 7-10. No problem, a 10 day script in hand and out the door we went.

Now as for lessons learned? Ayden Jane's immune system actually works to an extent now. That is great news but also made me miss the fact that she was sick. I know that sounds weird but I got good at reading her old signs. It seems that I need to trust some more subtle signs. I would not say her behavior became awful as it has in the past when sick, but she was definitely more easily upset and argumentative. Also, she was less hungry than typical - that's a strange experience for a parent of a kid with PWS and previously hunger took over when she was sick. Balancing her blood sugars has proven difficult, but things are smoothing out now. She has definitely put on some weight through the month but not as much as I am sure she would have without the lactoferrin improved immune system.

All in all, she has fared well through a winter with lots of people very sick all around her. I am counting it as a win and hopefully she will be back to full strength soon.

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