Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sick ... or Not

I am really stumped by Ayden Jane right now. I keep wondering if she is sick. I mean the sort of sick that requires antibiotics. She had a stomach virus which was followed by her developing very stuffy sinuses. After a couple of days it all started to break up and come out so I was hopeful that she was going to beat it.

Now she is either just taking her time getting rid of the last of it or it is starting to turn funky on her. The big difference is I have no idea how to read her anymore. Her immune system is so much better than it was which is awesome, but I don't know just how to read it anymore. It used to be there were certain signs that told me bacterial infection was taking over. Now those signs are gone... No 'hunger' when she gets sick. No soaking through the bed at night. No horrid behavior. She can fight so much longer ... but how much longer? It's just so hard to know.

I really want to make it through the winter with no antibiotics but I also don't want to wait too long that we have a major infection to defeat.... ugh.  Just wish the stakes were not so high.

I can hear her squeaky little snore from the bedroom. Is that a sign? She has been tired in the afternoon this week after school. Is that a sign? or is it just that she has stayed up late every night this week. She has not finished her lunch any day this week... does she now get less hungry instead of more hungry when sick? So confusing...

I gave her some claritin this morning since allergy season seems to be upon us and I figured it couldn't hurt. I guess the next few days will either clear this up once and for all or send us packing to the doctor...

She has still managed to get her homework done, attend swim practice, soccer practice and Mckenna's soccer game this week. She has had something every night! She loves to be busy but it is hard when she is a bit under the weather and when she does not get enough sleep.

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