Thursday, March 19, 2015

Medical Appointments - Eyes

I have been wondering about Ayden Jane's eyes for quite some time and decided it was time to dig a little deeper into how they are doing. We have been seeing a local opthomologist since Ayden Jane was 3 and she has had glasses since just before she turned 5. For the most part she wore the glasses during school and I did not have much luck getting them on her at other times but she seemed to be doing great.

Recently I had noticed her sort of preferring her left eye. She was moving papers or turning her head to use the left eye. Sometimes turning books a bit counter clockwise to read them. She also will stand about an inch from the TV to watch and still has trouble putting letters or numbers right where she wants them when she writes.

I made an appointment at Storm Eye Institute in Charleston and off we went. I know that it is a world class place and now I just wonder why I never made the trip before...

In the end, her prescription is good but I understand a whole lot better what we are trying to actually do with Ayden Jane's eyes and am confident that there are not hidden issues lurking. Basically, she is farsighted and the right eye cross is corrected in her current glasses so that's the script she needs. This can cause her distance vision to be a little blurry, thus her reports of being able to see better without them. Her vision is actually a plus 3 but her glasses a plus 2. The doctor said with lots of compliance and wearing of her glasses he may try reducing the prescription in 6 months. The goal is to have the lowest prescription which will keep her eyes aligned.

As you can imagine that has put Ayden Jane on a mission. She heard that if she wears them enough that by the time she is done growing she may be able to go without glasses. It's a long shot but she is now determined to make it happen. She is wearing her glasses soooooo much more.

As far as eye health, her eyes are great. No stigmatism or any of those sorts of things either.

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