Saturday, March 21, 2015

Local Endo

We see Dr. Miller once a year or year and a half but Ayden Jane is also followed by our local endocrinologist, Dr. Clarke.  She is awesome and the two of them are a phenomenal team.

Last Wednesday we had our 6 month check with Dr. Clarke. Ayden Jane's weight is higher than we'd like but Dr. Clarke thinks she looks great and is not at all concerned.  (I agree in my head, but my heart will always worry a little)  Ayden Jane grew a full inch since the last we saw her. We talked through Ayden Jane's recent illness and agreed to extend the augmentin and she also felt like the dose Ayden Jane was on was likely a bit low for her considering her history. Wow what a difference a few extra days of the higher dose has made. (more on that in the next post)

She took an x-ray of Ayden Jane's hand to check on her bone age. Basically, gh can advance bone age if the dose is too high or probably for other reasons... The end result of that is the growth plates will close earlier than they otherwise would and in the end height shortened. Height is not the main reason we use gh but it is nice to know that if the gh is administered correctly her end height should be about what it would be if she had not had PWS. The results were good news.

After the 'winter of infection' Ayden Jane's bone age was advanced by 11 months. Not good. She went from spot on to 11 months advanced in a bit more than a year... No reason to all out panic, but a trend that needed to be stopped or reversed.  Last year her bone age was 8 months advanced. That was pretty good news - we were going in the right direction. This year her bone age was just shy of 6 months advanced. Yay! Still going in the right direction. I like this trend!

A quick visual scoliosis check looked great. Lots of interesting conversation which Ayden Jane, of course, wanted to take over. Lot's of smiles and head shaking by Dr. Clarke over how awesome Ayden Jane is doing. Shared the pictures of handwriting changes with MCT....

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