Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Carnitine Fiasco

For whatever reason, Ayden Jane needs a lot of carnitine and is very sensitive to the type and the dosage of it. You would think this would make me nearly paranoid with how I dose it daily. You would think...

Her current dose is 500 mg of carnitine fumarate (CF) and 250 of acetyl carnitine (ACL). So, she gets a full capsule of the CF which she just swallows and I mix half a capsule of the ACL in with her avocado in the morning.

I figured out this morning, however, that somewhere in the past few weeks I switched the location of the bottles. Of course I should read the labels every time I take out a capsule, but I honestly just got into the habit of going down the line. As a result, Ayden Jane has been getting half of the CF she needs and a double dose of the ACL.

Since the CF provides physical energy it could very well be the culprit for her some what lower energy level recently. Also, I'm thinking it may be the cause of her being more hungry lately due to that low energy. She has always mistaken tired for hungry. Also, the combination of even just a bit more tired and less active and more hungry could totally account for her added couple pounds.

ACL tends to work more on activating her brain. Ayden Jane has been a bit over emotional and more argumentative than usual but we chalked it up to it being summer and staying up late and no schedule.

So today, with the correct doses of carnitine in her? Crazy better. Maybe it was coincidence and she just happened to have a great day today, but wow did she have a great day today. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out but I'm thinking I may have my energetic, happy, lean little kid back in no time.

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