Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Exercise - part 2

Ayden Jane has taught me that life with PWS is the perfect model of the phrase "use it or lose it."

We have gone on our walk 4 days in a row now. The first day I was surprised to see Ayden Jane break out in a sweat early on and be very sleepy in the early afternoon. Day 2 was slightly better, but she still was tired... I will say that both days I loved her ability to sit and focus after the walk!

Day 3 she started out saying it was our day to run. Remember we had worked up to running a good solid consecutive 20 minutes. After a minute or two she was exasperated and declared running was not a good plan. We talked about it and she accepted that after being sick and the time off we needed to just work up to running again.

Plan in place is that we will do the full 1.6 miles every morning. That we will walk one day, run the the next day....  The running we did for the first run day was 5 minutes. She wanted to go home straight away after but I re explained the deal. We go 1 1/2 miles every day, just the amount of it we run will vary. So far she has totally bought in so tomorrow is run day and we will up the number of minutes we run. It's all an adventure to keep exercise interesting and Ayden Jane motivated. It's not hurting me an either.

The other part of the plan is that she is to go 10,000 steps a day on her fitbit. With the help of our early morning exercise, she generally has about 5000 steps by 9 am. The fact that part of most days is spent in water where she gets no reading keeps this goal challenging.

Next on her list of motivators is that she has her scoliosis x-rays coming up August 6. Jen (PT) has told her that if her x-rays look great and her right leg looks great from all the walking/running she will either let her have much smaller inserts in her shoes or a trial run of NO orthotics.  Ayden Jane is over the moon excited about this possibility. She also knows part of the deal will be that if she gets the go ahead on no orthotics then she will have to keep walking/running to keep things strong. Mrs. Jen will be checking up on her!

Finally, she is going to run the inflatable 5k in Rock Hill SC in October with Dr. Miller and her daughter A. It should be a blast!! One lucky little kid we have that so many people are in her corner.

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