Sunday, July 12, 2015

Her Number

Dealing with and discussing weight management with a 7 year old just seems wrong. We have taken to just having a scale out and Ayden Jane jumps on it from time to time. No schedules or charts or whatever... I get a kick out of how Ayden Jane calls her weight her 'number.'

She will ask me what a good number is and gets really excited when she gets a good number. The best part is that she is learning to make connections to things that make her number go up and down. She will hop on and the number is high and she will say, "Oh, I did eat a really big supper..." Or if her number went down she will tell me about how she skipped the extra snacks she didn't really need.

I am really hoping that her number will go down a bit and I can help her connect it to exercise. In the long run, eating wonderfully is only half of the equation and Ayden Jane needs to grasp the need for exercise. I'm am happy to help make the exercise piece fun, but she needs to understand that is not simply fun, it needs to be a way of life.

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