Sunday, July 26, 2015

So Fun

The added carntine has been just the ticket for Ayden Jane. Her energy level has been great, she is leaning out without really even trying and is just plain happy. Along with the added energy has come having much more fun with her friends and the disappearing of her heat intolerance.

Examples would be that I noticed the heat was not bothering her on our morning walk/runs. Even if we did not get out the door as early, she was not phased. Previously, she would start to sweat in the first few minutes and then her energy just drain out of her. I noticed it was so much improved so of course I had to test it. I took her to the playground with the thermometer saying 97. She lasted 30 minutes and wasn't terribly hot, just ready to go. So strange...

As for energy, last night sealed the deal. We went to Noah's soccer game and it did not start until 7:30 and was not going to be over until 9:30 at least. Ayden Jane went over to the playground and for the first hour she played tag. Chasing, climbing ... She was playing with 2 girls from school and some other friends. These girls are high energy, athletic little girls who play travel soccer ect. I have never seen Ayden Jane keep up with these girls for more than a few minutes. She had a blast!! I'm willing to admit she was "it" a lot, but she did not care. I watched as she climbed and laughed and chased and smiled and just had a great time. So much fun.

Tonight we have an outdoor family movie night at church. They will be selling hot dogs, popcorn, candy and drinks. It does not start until 7 which is late for Ayden Jane to have supper. She asked if she could make a plan for the night. She suggested just having a cheese stick, milk, 'three spoons' and a little applesauce at supper time then splitting a hot dog and popcorn at the movie. Honestly, I was pretty impressed! She cut her typical supper down a bit chose small amounts at the movie. Not sure she could do better. Oh, and she also checked with her children's church leader and asked if they had water too, not just soda :)

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