Thursday, September 10, 2015

No More Yellows

Still haven't had physical therapy since we have donned the new shoes and gone without orthotics.  I think by the time Mrs. Jen comes back to visit she will have been going strong for about 4 weeks. Hopefully that is a good amount of time for Jen to use her super powers to see how things are being affected.

Ayden Jane asks me once in a while how I think her legs are doing. As far as I can tell, all is good. The biggest trouble I'm having is finding time to keep walking and running. I also think that the shoes will break down and part of the no yellows policy will be new shoes fairly often. I guess that's not surprising as Ayden Jane has little feet for an 80 pound kid. That means she does not grow out of them often and, let's be honest, the shoes are made for a lot less weight.

So why the trouble finding time to walk and run? All good reasons. Ayden Jane is a busy kid. She has school, swim team, horses, homework, church, soccer and friends to play with. She is loving life and doing great in so many areas.

We went to Atlanta over the Labor Day weekend to attend a wedding. (an amazing wedding by the way) Travel is always interesting with Ayden Jane. I have to say that I feel like we have passed that point where it is truly stressful. We traveled 7 hours Sunday, then spent the entire evening at the wedding and Ayden Jane did amazing. We did manage to get a dip in the pool Monday morning but much of the morning was spent chatting with old friends and things that held no activity for AJ. Then it was 7 hours back home. She handled it all beautifully and when we got home she said, "mom, I think we should take the dogs for a really long walk because they need and you and I need one too."

She walked fast and long with me and was right back in the groove. Weight has totally maintained even with travel and lack of activity. She was hysterical in the car keeping us all laughing the entire way to Atlanta.

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