Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Things are Good

Several updates. Made it back to the dentist. Ayden Jane is not great with brushing her teeth and, of course, PWS kids are known to have not so great teeth but she still has a great report. Victory! She will need braces, but that just makes us 4 for 4.

Today we headed for Storm Eye Clinic down at MUSC. Ayden Jane was on a mission the past 6 months to wear her glasses faithfully and was hoping to get a reduction in her prescription today. Alas, she is close but she will be sticking with the same prescription for now. She's a little disappointed but honestly, was is such a goofy mood while we were there she took it well.

After our eye appointment we headed up to the genetics clinic to see the doctor who diagnosed Ayden Jane 7 1/2 years ago. I think the last time he saw her Ayden Jane was 3. I have emailed with him a few times and we have touched based over the phone as he has asked if I would be willing for a new diagnosis to give me a call. We didn't have an appointment, he said to just stop by. Little did I know he was going to bring in 3 residents and basically tell them, "this is what Prader Willi Syndrome can look like when it is it well treated with the current protocols." They chatted with Ayden Jane, who suddenly became shy, and I answered a few questions and talked about her diet.  All in all a good visit.

We finished up at the hospital before noon and then headed to grab some lunch and picnic at a playground with some friends that live down that way. The weather was great and Ayden Jane had a good time.

School is still great and Ayden Jane seems more and more settled. This week she did well on her spelling pretest so she will be tested on "the hard words." She's pretty proud of that fact.

Things are good.

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