Sunday, September 20, 2015


I am heading out of town to the FPWR conference on Thursday with Kayla. Gary will be staying here and manning the home front for FIVE days!! He will still work a couple of nights and I am in the process of making arrangements for Mckenna and Ayden Jane.

Today I wrote out Ayden Jane's supplement schedule. I was sort of shocked!! I don't feel like it is that much to manage because I just do it - almost without thinking and if I forget or mess up something Ayden Jane sets me straight. I get a lot of questions about what and how much.... I give Ayden Jane so I figured I'd post it here:

Morning: Mixed in avocado and a squirt of honey.
                      1/2 capsule of acetyl carnitine
                      1/2 capsule of iron bisglycinate. 
                      7.5 mls of MCT          
                      heaping tsp of flax meal
                Taken in pill form or whatever - just hand them to her.
                      1 laktoferrin
                      1 carnitine fumarate
                      1 probiotic
                      1 b12 chewable cyanocobalamin
                      1 b12 strip methylcobalamin with biotin
                      1 packet coromega fish oil with Vitamin D
                      7.5 mils MCT oil
                      1/2 tablet of PharmaNAC in 6 oz. water

Lunch:  10 mls MCT oil in milk with lunch.

After School: 1 carnitine fumarate

Bedtime:  2 lacktoferrin
                 1 carnitine fumarate
                 gh 0.8

Yep, It takes all of that and a careful diet to keep this kid firing on all cylinders. Her routine has changed a bit over the years and I make adjustments as I see issues. Right now though, we are in a sweet spot and she is doing so amazingly well.  

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