Saturday, October 10, 2015

Out for a Week

This time last week we were hunkered down and the rains were falling. We ended up out of school the entire week this week as parts of our county are still under water. Basically, the falling rain and the high tides caused the first wave of flooding. Pretty much everywhere saw double digit rain totals and some places even saw upwards of 2 feet of rain. Once the original flooding from the rain as it fell and the high tides caused by Joaquin passing by, then the rivers began to rise. All that water from Columbia area that was hit hard with flash flooding made it's way into the rivers that wind through this county on the way to the Atlantic. The aerial photos and videos are incredible. Main roads turned into rivers, entire towns under water, other communities completely cut off from surrounding areas by water.

It was strange here at the beach side of the county. The sun was out and the weather was beautiful. Things dried up and we even had Ayden Jane's first fall soccer game. In my mind, though were friends whose homes are now filled or even submerged in rivers that will take another week to return to their banks. People who lost everything. Roads that are entirely impassable. Lives completely disrupted.

So what did we do with our week? We played hard. We walked, Gary and Ayden Jane hit the ocean - for long swims. We ran a tiny bit. Kayla went on a bike ride adventure with AJ to the local rec center and Ayden Jane worked on climbing the rock wall. The swam some more. The neighborhood pack came and the kids bounced on the trampoline. They rode bikes and scooters and were a happy pack of kids roaming the neighborhood like days of old.

We also played the board game trouble. It was hysterical to watch Ayden Jane's brain work in over drive on that one. She does have a magic touch with the dice, though, and beat us all!

All in all, we made it a great week. Gary is off to Wheaton to visit Noah next week and then soon he will be swamped with work. It was great that he and Ayden Jane got to spend a lot of time together. Some interviews for me coming up for some part time work and the holiday season will be upon us. Yikes!!

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