Monday, October 26, 2015

So. Much. Fun

Getting ready for the big race! Kayla and Ayden Jane at the start!  Kayla tried to get Ayden Jane all fired up and showing her muscles... Couldn't get Ayden Jane stop smiling.

 This was a little pre race chat. I wish I could remember what they were talking about. Obviously Kayla and Ali thought it was pretty funny.

Out on the course. I think Ayden Jane could talk all day!

Out on the course. 10 obstacles of various shapes and sizes. So that means Ayden Jane covered 3 miles plus 10 obstacles and she loved every minute of it. Not saying we ran all of it but I can say that she ran most of the first 2 miles. The third mile the hills definitely were winning.


And the whole wet, muddy crew! Such a fun day for all.

I wish I had a picture of Dr. Miller diving down the slide right beside Ayden Jane. They'd look like super heroes flying off together.

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