Monday, October 5, 2015


Whew. So. Much. Rain.

Ayden Jane has been pretty good. We have been stuck inside for weeks days. It did feel like weeks though. I hear the sun will be out at least for a few minutes tomorrow. I will be so glad to see it.

Things are bad in South Carolina as a whole. The amount of rain was unbelievable. Our yard is quite wet and puddle filled, but our home is dry and cozy so we feel wonderfully blessed. We do know many others, however, who are not dry and whose home and/or businesses have taken a hard hit.

Roads are a big concern. Bridges in particular... Gary made it to work fine on Saturday afternoon but went with extra clothes just in case. Well, getting home on Sunday was not possible. In fact, I saw video later that day of boats patrolling up and down the highway. Monday he made it home but the bridge to get back across the Awendaw creek was closed off and on depending on the tides and other features. He could not get back to work because even the 2 other ways around have washed out bridges... Luckily, they had people to cover and he is not due back in until the end of the week.

Lots of people have also been stuck out of town as even major interstates have been closed. At one point 70 miles of I95 was shut down. Columbia is the capital and most all major roads go through the town which was hit with so much more water than it could handle the infrastructure is a mess.

Ayden Jane asks about the flooding and if people are okay. She wants to know if we can help them. Not sure what we will do but we will have to find some way to help clean up or donate or something.

Looking forward to getting back to school hopefully Wednesday after being stuck inside for the most part Friday - Monday and out of school Tuesday as well. We need to get back to some serious exercise and I think it starts tomorrow!

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