Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shoe Tying

Tying your own shoes is a sort of rite of passage. It is something most kids can do in Kindergarten or first grade and it has been driving Ayden Jane crazy that she could not conquer this one.

She has worked long and hard in OT. She says they do picture cards that she has to lay them out in sequence and then follow. She was finally able to do it in OT with the nice fat easy to use laces that were not attached to her foot. She was so excited and was sure she could now tie any shoe, anywhere, any time. Not so much. It was a long morning before school the day after she finally was able to tie in OT. She had herself set up to believe she would be tying her own shoe for school then next morning. After and lots of tears she finally moved on ... sort of. Enough to let me tie them and kick her out of the car to school.

Finally, on Sunday, the day after she ran with Dr. Miller she sat down and put on her own shoes and tied them!!! We were getting ready to walk the dogs and she just did it. I wasn't even in the room - easier on my nerves that way. It wasn't a quick process but she did it. Our OT lives in the neighborhood so we took the dogs and stopped to knock on her door on the way by. Ayden Jane was so proud.

Now, every morning before school she takes care of her socks and shoes totally on her own. To some that may sound pretty boring, but for us it's like having won the lottery!! One skill at a time, she will do it all. 

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