Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Good Day

Today was Saturday. It was a good Saturday filled with activity and friends and lots of outside time.

Ayden Jane was up at her usual 6 something hour. She had a snack to tide her over until a more reasonable breakfast hour and Gary, AJ and I all went out for breakfast. She was fired up after breakfast and asked me if she has so much energy because she had a big breakfast. Could be, Ayden Jane could be.

We took all the energy and put it into action. We went for a long dog walk. Which is, of course, code for a way to get Ayden Jane to take a long walk. Just a few minutes after we returned her neighborhood friends came and right back out she went.

Next up was lunch and present shopping because she had a birthday party to attend. It was sweet to see her friends excited to see her and hear the birthday girl tell her mom that she wants to invite Ayden Jane to come play at their house one day. The party was a great, old fashioned play games outside sort of fun. Ayden Jane played tag and hide and seek and red rover. So fun to watch her have a sweet group of kids to play with.

Once we got home and Ayden Jane says: Is it supper time? Me: no. It's only 4:30. Ayden Jane: oh, well can you get me for supper when its 5 something? Don't wait until 6 something because my brain will crash. With that she was off to play.

After her 5:45 supper she watched a bit of TV and fell sound asleep on the sofa. A near perfect day.

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