Sunday, November 29, 2015

Physical Therapy Update

We are down to having physical therapy once every 3 months. Through the summer we were still at every month and worked hard to prepare for life without orthotics. In August we had x-rays to check on Ayden Jane's scoliosis at Shriner's and input on giving her a trial out of the orthotics. Everything looked great and she got the go ahead.

This was the first post orthotics visit and I can say Ayden Jane has kept very active for the past 3 months. Jen was super excited to see how great she is doing and there were nearly tears as she summed it up. Jen said, "I feel like we have worked for 8 years to get her to look exactly like this and she has done it. She looks amazing. Her tone and balance and symmetry are blowing me away."

We are so excited and she could point to things that were so much stronger - she feels as a result of swim team. I am not sure what has strengthened what but I do know that she has worked hard at swim team, spent lots of time on the trampoline, played soccer, ridden bikes, walked the dogs and just generally been as active as ever before.

Ayden Jane will have about 2 months off of swimming and soccer so Jen is going to give us a running plan. We just haven't had time to run with everything else so we plan to run during her 'off season'. I asked her to include some goals for distance running like we have done in the past but to also include ideas for speed workouts. Ayden Jane is actually excited about doing it and we will start in 2 weeks when soccer has ended.

Speaking of soccer, Ayden Jane is going to extend her soccer season by 2 weeks by playing with the kids who train and play travel soccer. It is going to be way over her head and I am a little nervous for her. I just want her to keep enjoying the sport and have no intentions of her playing with this group regularly. Ayden Jane is perfectly suited to a rec program. She heard about the chance to play and has a couple friends who play with that group so my fearless child is all in. Wish us luck.

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