Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Halloween

Whew. Halloween has never been my favorite. I'm sort of boring, I guess, but I'm not that into dressing up and I am the biggest chicken on the planet when it comes to creepy stuff. Candy was great as a kid, but as a teacher and parent... not so much. Then throw in a dose of Prader-Willi Sydrome and you have pretty much crushed the rest of anything about Halloween that I might like.

So, how did this year go? Actually, other than Halloween having become a week long celebration, it went pretty well. Ayden Jane was invited to Trunk or Treat which we skipped to go to soccer practice. Next up was a class party which I neglected to find out the menu for, so I just stopped by and worked it out. Then there was the school fall festival Friday night, followed by trick or treating Saturday night and a church fall festival Sunday. Like I said, whew!

The fall festivals are not really big on candy so that is great. A little popcorn and lots of bouncy houses and she's happy.

Trick or treating she actually does really well. She walked a bit more in years past keeping up with Mckenna and her friends but she still covered a couple miles this year. She loves the whole process. Everything from dressing up to seeing what candy she gets to chatting with her friends and seeing what all the other kids are dressed as. Her goal in the night is to collect enough to get a good toy from the Great Pumpkin. Somehow she has gotten it in her head that the more candy she leaves out the bigger the toy. Funny.

It was cute this year as she told her friends about the Great Pumpkin coming to her house. They got excited and asked their parents if the Great Pumpkin would come to them if they put their candy out.

After we got back, Ayden Jane hopped up to the table and dumped out her haul. She carefully sorted - looking for the few things she received that were not candy. Next she selected a few pieces of candy for her siblings. It was really cute, actually, as she called to me to ask things like, "Are Reeses Mckenna's favorite?" (by the way that would be yes.)

After a while it struck me as pretty cool that Ayden Jane was sorting her candy in the next room and her only concern was that she picked out the best 3 treats she could for Kayla and Mckenna. No thought of trying to sneak pieces. No negotiating with me over if she could eat one. No stress about the candy at all. When that task was complete she packed it all back into the canvas bag and put it out for the Great Pumpkin.

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