Saturday, November 21, 2015

Another good week

Somehow we made it all the way around to Saturday again. I really do mean to write more often but this little one keeps me busy! Well, there are a few other things that keep me busy too...

Today was end of season soccer tournament day. Ayden Jane had such a fun season this fall and is really getting the hang of the game. Well, not so much in her actual playing skills but she is much more aware of what her feet should be doing. Her first game today she had two full field runs with the ball at her feet and one of them was actually in the right direction! She stepped up and kicked the ball a few times and she was just 'into' the game. The second game she did not play so well and was a little spacey. It was a long day at the fields. She had played the first game and then had some peanuts and played on the playground between games. I loved it though, that she hung right by her coach and asked to go back in and really followed the game and cheered when she was out. She had a wonderful time.

The coming days should be interesting. Ayden Jane was 'invited' to come train with the PDC players. Basically, they are the kids (or children of parents) who are more serious about the soccer and train more intensely. Honestly, the invitation was a nicely worded email that made it sound like she was chosen but I'm pretty sure they just sent it to everyone. Either way, Ayden Jane is all in. I am a little nervous because I want her to enjoy it but it will be over her ability a bit and she will not have any idea how to do a lot of the drills or games they do. She catches on to things a little slower than most kids but is determined. I'm just hoping they are patient with her and she completely enjoys it. (and mostly that the girls are nice to her!)

School is still going well. Ayden Jane has been a little stubborn about her spelling words. She learns them pretty quickly and can rattle off how to spell them out loud but does not want to practice writing them. Then she misses one or two on her test and gets really upset because, "but I know how to spell it. It shouldn't be marked wrong..." I think she made the connection this week and is ready to play in shaving cream or something to practice writing them. I think her brain just goes faster than her hand so she messes up when writing it.

Math is still challenging. She totally had the concept of double digit addition with regrouping...well until they taught the kids another method now she is stuck somewhere between the two. Ugh.

All in all, she is still motoring along an average kid in ability and way above average in work ethic, kindness and joy.

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