Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weekend Fun

Friday night we were all set and excited to decorate for Christmas, go look at Christmas lights, bake some cookies... You know, good old fashioned Christmas magic.

It all started great with Mckenna and Gary getting lights on the Christmas tree and Ayden Jane beginning to fill it with ornaments. Then some neighbor kids came by to see if Ayden Jane could jump on the trampoline with them. We sent her on out figuring they would jump for a little bit and then we could resume our plans. Problem was, Ayden Jane's nose lost a battle with the neighbor boy's head. It was her first bloody nose and swelled up quickly. After the bleeding stopped she just did not feel very festive and before 6:00 even rolled around she was sound asleep for the night.

Things definitely started looking up on Saturday morning. Ayden Jane got to put lots more ornaments on the tree and enjoy the morning with Gary. Then we headed off to practice for the church Christmas show she will be participating in. She had a great time there and stayed a little while after so Mckenna and I could finish helping decorate a float for the Christmas parade.

We grabbed some lunch on the way home and then took the dogs on a long walk. Next thing we knew she was back out playing with the gang and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. She was thrilled to go out to eat with her grandma, aunt and uncle and ask 1,000 questions.

Honestly, she did great because she is used to eating supper pretty early. Typically by 5:30 or so. We did not get our food until closer to 6:30 and as she was at the table she kept saying - I hope the food comes soon, I'm going to crash. She was struggling a little and not feeling great but trusted the food would come in time and held it together. Of course, manners went out the window when her food arrived and she dove in! Good thing it was all family and no one cared!

Sunday was, of course, church day. After church and lunch we decided to go to the beach and Mckenna even said she was brave enough to go into the ocean with her! Ayden Jane was so excited. She changed right away (then played on the trampoline for a bit while the rest of us got ready) We took the dogs and walked a ways before Ayden Jane and Mckenna hit the waves. It was really nice out there and the waves were big. It is so funny when the dogs go straight out into the water after Ayden Jane. They were crashed by waves but didn't quit.

You would think the story would end there but as soon as we arrived home, Ayden Jane rinsed her feet, changed her clothes and was right back out there with her friends. We were supposed to run today but since it was 6;00 by the time she came in and she needed supper and a shower we put it off until tomorrow...

Hoping the great, fun day of activity will have her body and brain prepped for another amazing week of school!

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