Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Obviously time has slipped away! It has been a crazy Christmas season. Then again, when is a holiday season not a little crazy.

Wish I could say that we came through the season with glowing colors, but not so much. Food routines were thrown way off track. Supplements were missed. Way too much chocolate was laying around. Eating out, eating a bit too much and general over indulgence tends to be par for the course during the holidays. It's just that for Ayden Jane, those things throw her way off track.

I'm pretty sure Ayden Jane was thrown out of ketosis at some point. Why? Talking to her was a little like talking to a wall. She was looking at me but things weren't really going in. She was melting down over things that would not typically bother her. She was hungry and I felt like for the first time in a long time like I could not completely trust her around the kitchen.

Now I realize that on the larger PWS spectrum, Ayden Jane is still quite mild even when thrown off. Her version of a meltdown is to get upset, argue, go to her room and cry, then needing me to come and listen to her side/interpretation of the problem and then calmly with all the patience in my being walk her through how to move on. At the peak, we had to do this 3 times in one day. Hungry at this point meant that if she saw or smelled food she wanted some. With six of us in the family food tends to be all around so we were triggering this a lot.

The good news is that I wrote that paragraph in the past tense because she has straightened back out after just 2 days of getting back on track.

So, another two days have past since I wrote the start of this post. Things are looking great. Ayden Jane managed to pound out 19,145 steps on her fit bit in one day!! We are having great conversations and she is so much more relaxed again. Zero meltdowns in three days.

I wonder if I will ever stop being amazed at how much food, supplements and exercise affect her. 

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