Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve

The house is quiet as I sit here and count my blessings of 2015 and am amazed at how fast the years have passed.

Kayla has grown into an a wonderful young woman who takes advantage of every opportunity. She is driven to serve God and use her gifts to bless others. She has been home since graduating and is working as a medical scribe. In her spare time she volunteers for Make a wish and looks for ways to serve. She is working toward getting her Spanish medical translator certification and applying to Physician Assistant school. So glad to have her around for a while.

Noah has settled into Wheaton College and is doing great there. He had a good soccer season, learned the meaning of the word study, discovered the culture shock of leaving the south, and lots of other things. He is happy and following God leading toward the ministry. Not sure exactly where it will all take him but I know his talents are continuing to grow.

Mckenna is our teenager. She fits the definition of teen pretty well. She has so many talents it is a challenge for her know just what direction to head in. I think she truly wants to find ways to use her talents but has trouble knowing just which ones to hone. She is musical and artistic and brilliant and athletic. It will be fun to watch her sort through just what God has for her as she grows - of course, the guiding her along the way may make us all a little nuts.

As for Ayden Jane, 2015 has been an incredible year for her. With the help of lactoferrin we put extended illnesses behind us. She conquered handwriting, reading and 3 digit addition. She was not just on a soccer team but, at times, she played soccer. She has done so well in so many things I can't even list them all. I think my favorite thing from 2015, though, is that she has such an understanding that she is different from a lot of kids with Prader Willi Syndrome. She knows and understands what the syndrome is supposed to cause, but if you ask her she will tell you that none of those things are true for her. She has great compassion for others with PWS and wants them all to live free of the challenges. It's sort of like she feels determined and strong enough to not just take care of herself but wants to fix things for everyone else as well. At least she is willing to admit she might need a little help from Dr.Miller...

Somehow, financially, we are still scraping by. Some weeks I am honestly not sure how we will pull it off but here we are. I am still waiting for a job to come my way that is close enough to home that I can handle all Ayden Jane's needs and do an excellent job at work. I know that God's timing is the best but I am really, really hoping that 2016 is His timing!

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