Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hooray for Leaps

As Thanksgiving break came upon us, Ayden Jane was still working hard in school but getting frustrated by a few things. Handwriting, still a challenge. Solving math problems with regrouping. Getting hundreds on spelling tests. Generally, just slowing her brain down enough to complete thoughts and not getting frustrated when things didn't come fast enough.

I am searching my brain for what we did over the break because her first 2 days back at school she has done amazing things!! Monday I got a text from her teacher talking about the amazing progress she is making. Last night (Tuesday) I sat with her as she did her homework - I just sit at the table and 'work' on something. She hates it if I hover but I hate it if she gets off track and we have to redo more than a problem or two.... Last night I did suduko on the ipad and watched in amazement as she correctly and easily added columns of 2 digit numbers. Yep, she knew just when to regroup (or carry) and was lining all the problems up beautifully. Then it hit me, not only had the math totally clicked but I could easily read everything (well, except the 8's) and I didn't have to 'hunt' for the answers. She placed them directly where they needed to go.

There was one she miss counted and was off by one. It was the next test. Typically, pointing out her mistakes begins the process of denying there is a mistake followed by being upset about it and concluded by the excuse phase of explaining how it happened and it wasn't really her fault. It's a pain. Not last though! Last night I told her I thought she miss counted because I go 16 (she thought it was 17). All she did was say really? Then add it up again and laugh that she miss counted.

Seriously. I alternated from just staring with my jaw laying on the table and thinking who I could tell that would get just how awesome this leap was!!!

She sat and did all her math homework plus some she must not have gotten done at school. Then she read. Then redid some sheet from school where she had to put in story elements into a grid and she actually wrote size appropriate letters that you could read! She followed all that up with 5 spelling sentences and honestly enjoyed the entire time. Calm, happy, focused...

I don't know where this is coming from but praying it stays around a while!

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