Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This is very late in coming. I guess I get a pass because this past week has just been a blur all the way around with the passing of my Dad.

Kayla had planned a trip to Boston to visit the famous Allie. (her college roommate whom we consider an additional daughter). At the last minute - as in during the day Kayla was to leave - Kayla and I decided to send Ayden Jane with her. Kayla is brave!!!

It was a Thursday night flight, not departing until 10 something. Then it was delayed... Ayden Jane was determined to stay awake to get on the plane. She made it and off they flew around midnight. It was Ayden Jane's first flight and she did great.

While in Boston the girls spoiled her. They went to a lake and kayaked. They took her to a water park. They saw finding Dory.  They walked Allie's dogs. Those were just the highlights.

I hear there was a pretty good meltdown on Saturday night. but I'd say AJ gets a pass considering she was up so late traveling and had such a huge couple days.

As for food? She was awesome. The girls had no problem with her and the choices she made. They ate out frequently and ask Ayden Jane says, "just made good choices." The day after they arrived home I had Ayden Jane 'check her number' and she had actually lost 2 pounds while they were gone. Sounds great to me. I mean, who loses weight on vacation? Ayden Jane was so proud of herself for doing a great job with food and exercise and all without Mom! (she even wanted me to email dr. miller and tell her)

To top it all off. she arrived back at MB airport Monday morning at 7:20 and the first thing she said was, "mom, what time is soccer camp today?" She had to get up around 3:30 in Boston so I figured she would skip soccer Monday. Apparently she had other ideas. It was one of those ideas she got in her head and there was no stopping her. I'm pretty sure she was completely useless at soccer, but she made herself physically stay awake and be there. She's nuts.

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