Friday, July 29, 2016


It's been a quieter week this week and I have to say it is nice. Another huge flurry is coming soon just as the school year is right around the corner. We are catching our breath a bit and Ayden Jane has remembered how to entertain herself when she does not have a pack of friends around. I enjoy listening to her talk to her babies and pretend all sorts of things. She has also managed to get some extra rest which is good because I think things are really going to get crazy soon!

I have been waiting to get a summary of what Dr. Miller thinks about her recent labs, and of course, that can't come soon enough to make me happy. A couple things were off a little and likely they mean nothing but.... a mom always wonders.

It has been HOT. Not so much that the thermometer has said sky high numbers, but the humidity of late summer in South Carolina hot. It has made activity tough. We have all but stopped running, we do manage a bit of walking with the dogs but even that has been cut short. The pool is so warm that it is even more sleep provoking than anything.

Ayden Jane had art camp in the mornings this week so any chance we had to get out and moving was pretty well blown in the morning. Evenings just don't cool down quickly enough.

I was a little concerned that her weight would begin to climb as we chilled out in the air conditioning but she is still holding steady. I can hardly even write that sentence. I really do not like have to think about the weight of my 8 year old and it is such a tricky balance to help her watch it without getting worried. I am not looking forward to the coming years where it will be a bigger deal among friends...

I will say that she is doing so great as it comes to food. She is just not that hungry lately and has cut breakfast way back. She is sometimes has a morning snack but I actually had to talk her into one the other day before art camp. I really did not think she had enough in her to make it through. One day this week she had lunch at 12:30 and then turned down supper at 5:30. She did not eat again until breakfast the next morning. All her choice...

Her swim team had an ice cream party that I did not know they were going to have so I had nothing for Ayden Jane. I panicked a little because I thought she would get upset but nope. She just said she didn't care about the ice cream, she just wanted her medal and ribbons for the season. I don't know what she would have done if I had not been there but I like to think she would have said no thank you.

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