Saturday, July 23, 2016

Lots of Randomness

Today was the last swim meet of the summer. Ayden Jane enjoyed it all I think, but honestly, we have been so busy she didn't make many practices. And of course there was the whole iron thing...

She swam in 2 meets before today and her best times were recorded on the heat sheet. I have not kept track in the least so I relied on it for my reference point. Ayden Jane dropped her time by an average of 5 seconds in each event. I wish I could say it is because she worked hard and was improving her stroke ect...  I suspect, however, that it was the iron.

She played on the playground between races and at one point the kid even did several monkey bars!! The hard ones. The ones that aren't actually bars but are hanging rings. She has NEVER come close to that. Iron anyone?

Still fun to be had this summer as she has art camp next week in the mornings and a couple friends who want to play in the afternoons. She also needs to be brushed back up on school work as 3rd grade is coming, like it or not!

Looking toward fall, I'm struggling with deciding what activities will be good. Ayden Jane wants to do EVERYTHING, of course. I can't handle being her personal cab driver and she will need time for school work. Have I mentioned I hate homework?

So far it looks like the travel soccer team she wanted to play on will not have enough girls. There is an extremely strong group in her age and they were trying to get a second team that she would fit well on. Since that is not looking good, she will likely want to play rec soccer again, which is fine. Then there is swim team. She has her eye set on a year round team that is a bit more intense than the one she is on - mostly because her 'best friend' is on that team. Not sure yet if I can handle that commitment.

Next, she wants to continue golf. Only problem is, we heard from the golf coach that Ayden Jane has not been coachable. Not really surprised as she would argue with a rock but... not wasting the money if she is not going to take instruction. Lastly is the girls on the run program. I would love for her to do that but she is not super excited about the whole running thing right now....

It's hard because I know the struggle with running was the iron, however, if I tell her then she will get very upset and it will take forever for her to trust me again. I'm hoping that instead we will just get a good few runs in and she will be back to loving it.

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  1. I used the app "Zombies Run!" a few times and it is quite fun... maybe she would enjoy something like that? It turns your running into a zombie apocalypse adventure, with you at the center :-) I have Android but it is most likely available for iOS, too, if that's what you use. Looks like she did great with the swimming, way to go!