Saturday, July 16, 2016

So Slack

I have just not made time this summer to keep up with the blog. I'm not sure how this summer got so busy!! Ayden Jane has gone to 2 weeks of soccer camp (more or less), flown to Boston, gone to space camp, done vacation bible school, swam on swim team, goes to golf camp next week and then art camp the week after!! She hears about something and she wants to try it.

Between, or before, or after camps we have spent plenty of time in the pool and a fair amount of time on the beach. Need more beach time... I should be able to make that happen :)

Summer has gone well but I did learn something. Apparently, iron is really important for Ayden Jane. Here's how I know. Summer hit and mornings became more casual. I did not do as great a job with supplements and iron is one that I skipped more frequently. Still not a problem. Then I was just about out before I sent AJ to Boston with Kayla but wasn't worried. It was just a few days. When they got back I gave Ayden Jane a few days here and there the next week what I had left and then just never got around to ordering more. I mean, it's not like she ever tested deficient.

Over the past two weeks Ayden Jane had become very high maintenance. She was tired, but I just figured the crazy schedule was catching up to her. She was argumentative - I mean more so than usual.  To an extent she was just mean and over emotional. Also her running was not going well. Her stamina had crashed and she was really upset about it.

I was still clueless.

It was time for labs so Dr. Miller emailed me the lab request.When I looked over it I saw iron on it. I suddenly remembered I never ordered the iron. Two more days of behavior, tiredness and a lack of fun. I got her labs drawn and then the iron came in.  Honestly, I didn't think the stuff we were dealing with would be iron related but sometimes you just feel like you have to try something... anything.

In 24 hours she was a totally different kid! Happy, easy going, full of energy, and reasonable. She has stayed that way for a couple days now.

When will I learn?? Don't mess with this kids supplements.

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