Thursday, August 4, 2016

Oddity Continues

Today was day 4 of maintaining Ayden Jane's weight at a steady place. Good news. We shall see if we maintain it tomorrow as well.

Ayden Jane ate breakfast of a cheese stick, watermelon and a blueberry bite at her wide awake hour of 6 AM. Then she and Gary ran a bunch of errands and they stopped at Dunkin Donuts. Ayden Jane got a bit of sausage and egg... but just a bit.

By the time they came home Ayden Jane was itching to get into action, so even though it was only 11:30 she went ahead and had lunch which was 2 pieces of Cauliflower crust pizza. Sticking to the strange behavior she didn't even ask for anything with it or eat any fruit with lunch. Typically she plans her day around what fruit she gets at each meal because it is her favorite.

She went out into the neighborhood to find some friends to play with for a while and then around 3:30 the neighbors invited her to the beach. They typically eat supper at 6 so I figured they would be gone a couple hours tops. I gave Ayden Jane a Hint water and a chia bar, and offered for her to take a cheese stick and/or nuts. She turned down the extras and told me she'd take the bar if she needed to... Seriously?

She got home at 7:30!! That means she played from 11:30 to 7:30 with a 100 cal. chia bar.

The other odd thing is she told me she was so thirsty she drank her entire Hint water plus a water bottle from the neighbors. I have never before heard the words "I was so thirsty" come out of her mouth.

We will see what her weight says in the morning. Hoping I managed to get a enough in her to maintain her weight or Dr. Miller will not be happy with me... Maybe the extra gh will build a little muscle :)

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