Saturday, August 20, 2016

Third Grade

First day of third grade!! It was an interesting start to the school year. I took a last minute job to fill in for a friend who is unable to start the school year so I was not even able to take Ayden Jane to school on her first day.

Gary took this quick picture of our girl all ready to take on third grade. It sounds like all is well so far and she is doing great.

She also had her first slumber party at her friends house this weekend. They went over to a pool and played. The parents were ordering pizza so I told them I would bring some of Ayden Jane's pizza over for her to eat about the same time. When I came in, Ayden Jane saw me and asked, "mom, what are you doing here? You don't have to pick me up you know. I'm spending the night."

She wanted to handle this one all on her own and did not want mom around to cramp her style.

I did stay a bit to chat with MY friends but not too long.

Later I stopped by to give the gh shot to her. I tried to get her to slip off the sofa where the girls were just starting a movie so we could do it quick in the other room. Ayden Jane was not interested in that. She wanted me to come to her and just get it over with. So, on a sofa with 4 girls she pulled out her thigh and I gave her the shot. One of the girls eyes were so wide I thought they might pop right out of her head! As I left the room, there was lots of what was that?! Ayden Jane just said, "it's my shot I do at night. It's fine. It doesn't hurt." That was the end of it.

We treat Ayden Jane's PWS as no big deal. The supplements, the oils, the shot... it's just a part of life. She has totally adopted that same attitude but she has no idea that all she does is slightly shocking to others. Not that it would slow her down anyway....

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