Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Third Grade Day 6

As far as I know, Ayden Jane is doing well in 3rd grade. The first week started on a Wednesday so she had just 3 days. She handled it well and didn't seem too worn out. Of course, then she went into the weekend by going to the sleepover on Friday night...

This week is her first full week, and by full I mean FULL. She went into it a little tired still from the weekend. Then Monday she had soccer practice. She is still new to that so it's a lot. Then Tuesday she had friend over and played late.... By the time she had her homework done and was showered it was after 9.

Today is Wednesday and wow did it catch up to her. She really just needed a nap, but would not cave on that. In the end, she did all she could do and was in full meltdown and asleep by 6:30.

It is going to be a challenging balance this year. School, homework, after school activities and good old hang out fun. Ayden Jane wants to do everything ... but really cannot function when she gets too tired. It's tricky. She will push herself to the brink - and then dump on me.

Meanwhile, I am feeling like the slack mom. I screwed up some communication and Ayden Jane will miss a couple doses of gh just as she is trying so hard to adjust to the new busy schedule. ugh!! It should get here tomorrow. Just makes me so sad/frustrated that I didn't keep track of the details so that this happened. I know it sounds like no big deal. Okay, I know it really is no big deal, but somehow it just hits really hard. Pretty much all of Ayden Jane's meds, supplements, diet, PT, OT, exercise .... is my responsibility and I know each little piece adds up.

Here's hoping that she has a great nights sleep and tomorrow goes better.

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