Saturday, August 13, 2016


I did not think it was possible for things to get even more busy! But I think they have.

So, Ayden Jane has had a full week of the increased gh. Her weight has stabilized and I think she is already growing! I am really excited to say that she is still not needing to eat much in the way of snacks. Life, food wise, is just easy right now and I am really enjoying it. I'm sure it won't last.... sigh, but I am smiling and appreciating every "I'm not hungry" and "sure, a blueberry bite is plenty" I hear.

It really struck me at the pool this evening. She has had lots of great summer activity and was enjoying another evening swimming with her friends. Listening to her get along so great. Having compassion to take an extra turn being it. Standing up for herself when necessary. Negotiating a truce between other siblings. Just happy and healthy and confident. 

Hooray for summer!!!

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