Sunday, March 18, 2012

Food Easy?

Last weekend we traveled to Richmond.  This weekend it was Columbia (SC).  Mckenna had a tournament there so we were off on a 'soccer adventure.'

Ayden Jane just impressed me this weekend with a food 'maturity.'  I know that sounds strange to say, but she is just managing her food choices, requests... so well.  I never would have thought it would be so doable!  (Now as for car riding?  I'll get to that in a minute)  After Saturday's games, Mckenna really wanted to go to Fazzoli's.  It's an Italian food chain and basically filled with pasta, bread sticks...  I decided to go for it.  We went in and I got grilled chicken for Ayden Jane and she was thrilled with the big treat of dipping it in marinara sauce!  She asked about the bread sticks once, but really just to know what they are.  When she was finished I asked if she was still hungry and wanted a meatball.  She said, "not really mom.  Can I have a piece of gum?"

Another example was at the soccer fields.  Some friends (Jen our PT and her family) were at Mckenna's last game.  They had a big bag of popcorn they were all sharing.  We do let AJ eat popcorn even though I know it is technically a grain....  Ayden Jane pulled me aside and asked me if she could ask for some popcorn.  She knew to ask me first!

Lastly, she was getting hungry at one of the games.  She asked if she could have some almonds.  I told her, let's wait because we will take Mckenna and go eat soon.  With out any fuss, she just agreed.  Well, after some discussion of where we might go to eat anyway.

It was just easy.  I have come to thoroughly enjoy easy.

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  1. That is amazingly awesome she is asking you before she eats at such a young age! My son is 12 and he has been for 5+ years but younger never. A~man has never been overweight except maybe around 1 or 2 the nutritionist was concerned. If given the opportunity to sneak he will but we try our best not to give him the opportunity. I am amazed that many times he turns down food when someone asks! His gma from out of state sent them a spring package which included candy and he gave me his chocolate bunny! He said that it was too much sugar for him and gave it to me. (now despite my happiness at his descision I do not need the bunny either lol)