Monday, March 26, 2012

Language Confidence

So, Ayden Jane has been on quite the language spurt lately.  I think it really comes from confidence.  She is speaking up to everyone, every where!  She struck up a conversation the other day at the soccer field with a husband and wife who were there to watch an up coming game.  The boy they were watching is on Mckenna's team and so during warm ups the were entertained by little miss AJ.

I find if I put some distance between myself and Ayden Jane during her conversations that she speaks up and does not look at me to answer or explain...  So, I stepped away.  After about 15 min. or so I headed back over.  This family knows nothing of Ayden Jane's history... so it was entertaining to hear their comments afterwards.

Things like, she really thinks before she says things.  (processing delay)  She speaks slowly and deliberately.  (years of speech therapy and articulation drilling)  She is so focused as she engages you in conversation (can not multi task)  She is very deep and persistent in her questioning.  (borderline socially inappropriate questions)

Of course, I just enjoyed the minutes of my little girl holding her own and was so proud of her for all that she has overcome speech wise to have a long conversation on the sideline.  If they only knew the miracle they were a part of!  Somehow, telling them would have just spoiled it all.  They very much enjoyed the overly inquisitive, enchanting little girl...

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