Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peaks and Valleys

Ayden Jane, emotionally speaking, is a landscape of peaks and valleys. No flat land in sight.  That has sort of been our motto.  It takes a while to accept this fact and relax knowing that the valleys will turn into peaks remarkably quickly.  The real key is learning that the harder I try to force the valleys to become peaks, often the deeper I make the valleys!

It is so fun how excited she gets about things.  She quickly declares things her favorite and jumps up and down and gives out big thank you's and squeezes...  Little things make her day and it is so much fun to watch the excitement in every part of her body.

Of course, for every peak there is a valley...  Quick to pour out giant crocodile tears, heart broken.  Quick to panic and quick to get angry.  The hard part is not to get angry when she is irrationally crying over something pointless!  Or even lecture or discuss or reason or....  It just doesn't work.  Timing is everything and giving her enough space to begin to settle and then help her recover when she is ready is more of an art than a science.

Trying to remember to revel in the peaks and not take the valleys to seriously.

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