Monday, September 10, 2012

Activity Level

So, over the past week or so Ayden Jane has begun to have an incredible activity level.  It is sort of odd, but it began around the time we reduced her gh.  Typically, gh adds energy and strength so I am not sure the increase in energy is connected, but glad that her energy level has not decreased.

She is also doing such a great job of socializing and is learning to really play games with other kids.  I know, she is a kid so of course she is playing kid games.  Not so simple for a kid with PWS.  First of all there is the need for lots of energy to keep up.  Secondly there is a quick processing speed required for most kid games.  Finally, there is the whole winners/losers, getting tagged... stuff to deal with without getting upset.

Great example last night was led by Mckenna.  After some boogie boarding in the ocean (with some friends AJ made on the beach by the way) we swung by the pool.  A couple of boys ages 9 and 12? asked Mckenna and AJ to play sharks and minnows with them across the deep end.  Now obviously they were mostly asking Mckenna, but they were great about AJ playing along.

Ayden Jane has 'played' the game with a pretty big pack of older kids before but mostly just sort of swam a little watched a little...  Last night she was really interested in the rules and was totally understanding how to play.  She swam hard (and the big kids were great with her!).  She went back and forth across the deep end, climbed out the side all by herself and even was the shark a couple times when tagged!  (Mckenna to the rescue as she was shark with her)

Then today in the play place a little boy wanted to play with her.  He was about 7.  They played tag and he did give her a little head start after she tagged him, but other than that it was pretty straight up.  It took her a long time to tag him but she just kept running and trying.  He was really kind to her and after they were done he tried to teach her some moves to avoid being tagged better.  Honestly, it was the first time she has really caught on to this game too.

Good stuff cooking in that little noggin!

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