Sunday, September 23, 2012

Antibiotics Again

Thursday I took AJ to the doctor.  The real reason we went was because I had that feeling her (our) cold was turning yucky and I wanted to get ahead of it.  She didn't seem too bad and some of the definite indicators of last year were not really there yet.  I talked it over with the pediatrician and we decided to give her some mucinex to see if we could thin out what was left of the goo and clear it with a back up script of amoxicillin. 

Friday morning she seemed a bit better so I held off.  Then came Friday night.  When will I learn?  Behavior went out of control, a thick cough developed, she wanted food...  She even looked puffy.

Sat. morning (her first soccer game - story to come later) she was okay, but only because it was morning.  I started the antibiotic and the change was amazing.  By Sat. night she was calmer and her eyes were beginning to clear up.  She slept much better and the snoring had gone down to the normal occasional squeak.  

We had a great day today at Mckenna's soccer game.  Well, more accurately on the zip line next to the soccer field!  I wanted video, but I just was never able to make it happen.  The zip line is low to the ground, but goes pretty fast!  Ayden Jane did it over and over again.  Very cute.

I guess it just always amazes me to see the change in AJ between healthy and sick.  I mean, everybody gets a bit grouchy or whatever when they don't feel well, but it is one of those things that is so extreme with AJ.  It creeps up slowly so I don't really see how bad it is until she feels well again.  Really hoping this one course takes care of things and I can see how AJ handles all of school and therapies and soccer and... when feeling well.


  1. Poor girl! With my son it has the opposite affect if he gets REALLY sick. He gets quiet...and very calm. Too calm. That's when I know something big may be going on. I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Hope it blows over quickly! Hate the getting sick. I guess the one upside of AJ having such a change when she gets sick is that you know that she's sick! Dean will be totally asymptomatic and then hav a sudden drop. By that point, we're behind the ball. Not helpful.

    The zip line sounds fun. Can I take a turn? :)