Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A couple of days ago we had an eye appointment.  It was the second trip to the eye doctor.  The first was at age 3.  We were supposed to return in a year, but alas it has been 2.  Honestly, I don't think there were any issues a year ago, but this summer we started to notice her right eye turning inward and just some other little clues that maybe she was having trouble focusing on things.

Well, it is official, Ayden Jane is farsighted and has a pair of glasses being made for her.  Of course she chose purple ones!  No orders to keep them on her for X amount of time or anything.  The doctor feels like if we just let her get used to the feel of them, sort of at her own pace, that she will then want to wear them because she can see better.  I hope so.  At least he said not to wage war over them!

I know that glasses are not really a big deal in the grand scheme of life.  In fact, she has a little boy in class at school that has been wearing them since last year.  My head knows they are not a big deal, but my heart is a little sad for her.  We have been fighting so hard to get her healthy since last winter, we are making improvements in her legs with orthotics and a knee brace on the way.  Adenoids are out and immunology is a bit better.

Ayden Jane is amazing.  She is doing so well and is really and truly about middle of the pack at school.  She has boundless energy and works so hard at everything she does.  Food is not a big struggle for us.  On the outside, to those that don't know us well, Ayden Jane is just an average 4 year old that is a little quirky.  (as most 4 yr. olds are)

What they don't see is the speech therapy, occupational therapy, hippotherapy, physical therapy, added exercises at home... They don't see the pressures of enough but not too much food and the million choices in a day that we have to make.  They don't see the melt downs that for now, AJ pretty much only blesses us with.  The financial strains it all places on our family.  The challenges of always having one eye on her because you just never know what she will do!  (Like take a trip to the local playground by herself)

So, somehow glasses are the straw that broke... okay, that's a little over the top.  I guess I just feel like our plate from the PWS buffet is getting full.  I AM thankful that our plate is not nearly so full as many others and I almost feel guilty for feeling sad about something as small as a pair of glasses.

We will suit up for school in our orthotics, knee brace and glasses and Ayden Jane will troop on without a care in the world.  That's the most amazing part.  She just takes it all in stride and rises to every challenge.

So glad God gave a special spirit to these special kids.

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  1. People don't know everything that goes on, and I find that to be so difficult. Someone at church yesterday was pressuring me to give an hour a week to volunteer for something, and I said to her, "You have no clue what I'm already dealing with." I was at a breaking point, but she didn't know really what I was talking about, and I frankly don't think she cared. I almost yelled at her.

    You are doing a great job and many of us do know that. I can totally understand how something like glasses would throw you over the edge! It's just another reminder that you/she can't just slide along like everyone else.