Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Best Friend

Ayden Jane talks about lots of the kids in her class at school.  Some names come up more often than others of course, but at least in her own mind she is friends with everybody.  That is awesome, but I often wonder how reciprocal the friendships are for AJ.  I mean, she is definitely willing to talk to others, she is learning to play with other kids much better and is more interested in making friends with other kids now than talking to adults. That's improvement for sure, but I still wonder...

There is a very sweet, tiny, little girl in AJ's class who AJ talks about more than the others.  Ayden Jane reports her as her best friend...  Today, her teacher saw me as they were coming in from the playground and said, "those two are so funny together.  They are totally opposite but inseparable."  I almost cried.  

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  1. I would have almost cried, too! That's so great. I know that our kids can be quirky and different sometimes, but I'm always amazed at how people are drawn to them too. :)