Saturday, March 23, 2013

Growing Up

It has been interesting lately to realize how much Ayden Jane is growing up.  It  seems to happen with all kids.  We, as parents, have a front row seat for the amazing development of a totally dependent baby changing  into a hopefully, capable and independent adult.  It is a process for sure!  Even though we see them every day, sometimes we just don't notice the changes.

A few things that I have noticed over the past few months with Ayden Jane mark, to me, significant signs of growing up.  First up, now when she wants to help it is actually helpful.  I love it!!  She is goal oriented by nature so has always wanted to help, but often.... not so helpful. In fact, her helping often let to spills and crashes and way more mess than I had in the first place! LOL.  Today I was picking up and cleaning up and getting ready to vacuum.  Ayden Jane chipped in and then went and got the vacuum.  She used the attachment to clean the furniture for me and even put it back together.  She did a great, thorough job.  (not the look how fast I can do this while tripping, dropping....)

Also, when she cleaned her room, she wanted to do it herself.  She decided to clean up all the babies then call for me to come help.  She took a looooong time so I figured she was just playing and had abandoned the whole cleaning process, but she had managed to play and clean and had all the babies and their things organized. (Well, lined up and grouped!)

Another is in regards to food.  Ayden Jane has a snack at school each day.  I send in a snack of mixed nuts and blueberries.  It is the same snack she has had every day since she started school 2 1/2 years ago.  The other kids eat various snacks sent in by parents.  Sometimes it is things AJ eats and sometimes not, but AJ was always way more comfortable with having her own from home no matter what the other kids were eating.  Recently she has mentioned that what the other kids have is ________ and I can eat that...  We talked through it and I explained to her that she may have the other snack if it is something she eats, but she may not eat her nuts as well.  She would have to choose.  This didn't go over well.  Finally, a couple weeks ago at school the snack was a cheese stick.  Ayden Jane asked her teacher if she could have the cheese stick.  Her teacher answered (I prepped her) that she could have the cheese stick or her nuts but not both.  AJ told her she wanted the cheese stick and then asked if she could please put her nuts out on her hook (out in the hall where she can't see them and can take them home) so she won't think about them.  Since then, about once a week she makes this choice and has no problem.  She knows what she can eat and has not even asked to eat the snacks she does not eat.

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  1. My son is an AWEsome help cleaning! His bedroom is *ahem* neater than mine and his sisters. I think it is the OCD. He is also in charge of vacuuming the livingroom and hallway...and cleaning my entry mirror. (shhh he does better at this than his sister)

    As far as the snack I have had similar stuff come up. Today (at 13) is the first time that I can remember, that he tried to say he hadn't had an afternoon snack. I did ask dd and my husband to make sure as he was adamant..but he did not get an additional snack. A non PWS would look at me like I was crazy not giving him another...but he would expect more from that day on.

    I bet that is helpful for AJ to be able to make the choice on those days to have the same snack as her friends!