Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Well, it has been an exciting week.  And I mean exciting in most every way possible. Last Wednesday Noah injured his shoulder in a soccer game.  At first we thought it was broken because, well just looking at it, it was obviously not right!  A break would have pretty much ended his senior High School soccer season...

Long story short he subluxed the sternoclavicular joint.  Okay, in English, the joint where the collar bone attaches to the sternum was apart.  It was far enough out that just looking at him you could see it pushing forward, but not so far that it couldn't go back in.  Thankfully it popped back in a couple of hours later.  In the end he will be out about 3 weeks.

Then on Friday we had a little college signing party for Noah at his school.  I don't really know how common it is, but his school really encourages the kids who sign with a university to take the time to invite their friends (out of class) to watch a sort of photo op and congratulate the player.  It was really nice for Noah.  I will post the newspaper article later this week.

All in all, he is doing well with the injury.  He spends most of his time trying to convince us that it is just fine (then asks where his pain pills are before bed)  

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