Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Labs were drawn for Ayden Jane last Thursday.  I got the results Monday.  Not awful, but no what I wanted to see...

Apparently her eosinophils are up again.  That is a marker of some allergic reaction... I am guessing it is the pollen running a muck so not too stressed over that one but back on our allergy meds.

White blood cell count is a bit high as well.  grrrr.  Something brewing??  Very well could be as by Sunday I started to hear the stuffy nose and yucky cough coming out of AJ.  She is really congested today (Wed.) and if it keeps up we will hit the pediatricians office by weeks end.  Dr. Miller agrees to bump up the PharmaNAC too.  It just helps break it all up and she is better now at getting the loose junk out of there.

IGF-1 is slightly high so there will be no increasing gh this time around.  Of course, if she truly is sick again than it could be elevated from that...  

B-12 looked great.  Bascially there are 2 different measures for B-12.  One is a sort of ratio: Hgb/Hct look great (13/38.2 - right in the middle of normal).  The other way to measure B-12 is a straight level: B12 is >1500 (normal 156-914).  Dr. Miller says to not even bother testing the straight level as it is almost always elevated even in kids with no supplementation.  It's a weird PWS thing.  The ratio is the measure she wants to see if oral supplementation is enough.  Good new for us is that we can continue to supplement orally as it is being effective.  So, at least for now, I won't need to add B-12 shots into the picture and can rest assured that AJ is getting full benefit of supplementation.

So, we have ALMOST made it through the winter without illness.  Lots of yuck is loose and coming out of AJ today so I am hopeful that we can get her to clear it out without heading down the infection path.  (Prayers welcome!!)

Biggest struggle is that when sick like this all she wants to do is SNACK.  It is soooo not like her typically and I wish I could just not worry about it for a few days, but alas that is not how it works in the PWS world.

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