Sunday, March 31, 2013

Crud Update and Happy Easter!

So far, AJ is still a bit gooey but is not showing signs of infection.  Her nose has stopped pouring forth and sounding so plugged, but the super thick cough is not exciting me.  Just listening to her often makes me want to cough.  She has this thick sound in her throat but it just doesn't bother her so she doesn't cough.  When she finally does trigger a cough I am amazed at the sound and the amount of crud that is in there!!  We are coming up on a week of this stuff tomorrow so at the first sign of it going awry this week we will be sprinting to the doctors office.

Today is Easter!  It has been great to hear AJ ask so many question over the past weeks about the Easter story.  She is very aware of Jesus's death on a cross and what that means.  She is even more aware that Easter Sunday is the recognition that he rose again on the 3rd day and defeated death.  It is fascinating to listen to her little brain try to process it all.  She has asked lots of questions about good guys and bad guys and why anyone would want to be a bad guy or why bad guys want to hurt good guys.  Lots of questions about if a bad guy can ever turn into a good guy and how that works... What happens to bad guys when they die... Why Jesus had to die.  How did he become alive again and where does he live now any ways?...  She 'asked' me, "so God used bad guys to kill Jesus on the cross so he could  forgive all the sin we do, you know sin is the bad stuff, and that made it so everybody  can be good guys and go live with him after we are dead here?  There had to be an easier way."  Hmmmm.  Quite a few theological errors or at the very least things askew, but I'd say she is at least gaining a foundation of faith.  

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