Wednesday, August 21, 2013


All ready for her first day!!

The big day has finally arrived.  Ayden Jane was so excited about starting Kindergarten that we had to be on the go for the past few days! 

Grandma and Grandpa took us shopping for new school clothes ect.  Ayden Jane loved the special day of trying things on and picking things out.  She was especially excited about her pink giraffe back pack! 

Next up came meet your teacher day on Monday.  She was able to walk in, meet her teacher, see her room and find some old friends.  As usual, she was very subdued just taking it all while we were actually there.  Then as we were half way out of the building she suddenly said, "but I didn't get to play with all the toys!"  We made it a game where she had to find her room by herself and then she could play for 5 minutes.  Worked out great.

That left Tuesday as the last day of summer and all the school preparations in place.  The weather cooperated and we headed to the beach.  It was perfect.  Ayden Jane rode the waves and swam and was spoiled by Mckenna and her friend as they played with her too.  Then off to the pool of course!  After all that it was time for horses and then a trip to the soccer fields to pick up Mckenna.  All around a perfect way to end summer.  I still had trouble getting her to bed but she woke up with lots of energy this morning.

The morning prep went well with the exception of some getting totally distracted because she was so excited about the back pack!  As we arrived at the school all the parents were walking their little ones in for the first day.  Ayden Jane informed me, "I don't want you to walk me in Mom.  I am BIG and I will be fine."  I tried to get her to let me come from a few angles, but I pretty much would have caused a meltdown if I pushed it.  I can just see her running away from me yelling, "don't follow me!  I can do it myself!"

I do love the independent spirit and it has carried her far!  Can't wait to hear how it went!

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